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Tibetan Yak


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Description: A Yak is a breed of cattle that lives in Tibet. It
is the representative animal of Tibet. Not only can it
withstand the cold and dry conditions of the highlands, the
yak also serves as a great transportation tool for the locals
on the rugged terrain of Tibet. I chose to depict yaks in my
artwork as they are lesser known animals. While
Singaporeans are familiar with Western countries, they do
not know much about Tibet, which is one of China’s five
major races.
它毛 长、耐寒、能够适应西藏高原的恶劣气候和干旱的
好的运 输工具。我选择画牦牛,是因为它鲜为人知。新
加坡人 对远在地球另一边的欧美国家了如指掌,但对中

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