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The Amazing World


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Description: In this artwork, we see two wild llamas grazing
the fields underneath a clear blue sky. In the distance, we
also see snow capped mountains. Llamas look like a cross
between a sheep and a camel. They are reared by the
locals in South America, like how we rear sheep and cows
at our side of the world. Their fur can also be used to make
fur coats and their meat can also be eaten. I have once
seen the llamas on the TV. I was amazed at how interesting
this world and all that is living on this earth can be. God is
the creator of all these amazing things.
浩瀚的天空, 远处可望见一座雪山。骆马是一种一半像
羊、一半像 骆驼的动物。骆马只可以在南美洲找到,是
当地人 饲养的牲口,如同我们在这里养牛养羊一样。它
的肉不但可食用,毛也可以用来 织羊毛衣。我当初在电
上充 满了奇奇怪怪的生物。上帝是神奇的创造者。

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