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Motherly Love


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Description: Motherly love can be found in all of
animal kingdom. Humans beings are of no
exception. Here, the mother and baby orangutans
are hugging each other. The baby orangutan
grows healthily under the care of its mother,
which is reminiscent of how precious and great
kinship is. I myself have also grown under the love
and care of my parents.
身 为万物之灵的人类 也不
例外。画中母猩猩和小猩猩抱在一起 小猩猩在
母 亲的呵护下健康成长。令人想到亲情的可贵
。 这幅画充分体现出亲情的伟大 我本身也是在
父母的关 爱下长大。

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