Peer Specialists

Peer recovery support is an evidence-based practice for supporting persons with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse. Specially trained individuals, known as Peer Support Specialists, who have themselves experienced mental illness or a co-occurring disorder, and who have successfully accessed the treatments and resources necessary for their own personal recovery, administer peer support.

Peer Support Specialists transform the mental health services delivery system with their unique skillsets and invaluable “been there, done that” life experiences. The Certified Peer Support Specialist does not replace mental health professionals, but rather, acts as a value-added support to supplement existing mental health services. Together with the practitioners, Peer Support Specialists partner their peers in the recovery process, offering hope, encouragement, and guidance.

Since 2012, SAMH invited Ms Molly Clouse, a Recovery Specialist from Kentucky, USA to conduct the 4-days training for Peers aspiring to be Peer Support Specialists, and 1-day workshop for mental health practitioners on a yearly basis.

To achieve certification, a Peer with potential is required to undergo 24 training sessions and pass a written examination. This ensures that the Peer Specialist is well equipped to practice peer recovery support on their first day of employment.

Apart from being the key agency in organizing the training, SAMH is also the first agency to employ a Peer Support Specialist in year 2012. In subsequent years, SAMH continues to offer these certified specialists employment opportunities, specifically to serve in our mental health sector as recovery educators and advocates.

Since 2012, a total of 68 peers attended the Peer Support Specialist Training and 37 peers have obtained Peer Support Specialist certification.

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