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SAMH Activity Hub

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SAMH Activity Hub

SAMH manages the Activity Hub, where psychosocial rehabilitative programmes are conducted to assist residents in their recovery from mental illness and to reintegrating them into the community. Activity Hub’s services include occupational therapy, social work, psychological services and vocational placements.

SAMH manages the Activity Hub @ Pelangi Village and conducts psychosocial rehabilitative programmes for residents. Residents are assisted in their recovery and reintegration into the community through occupational therapy, social work, vocational services, psychological services, art therapy and music therapy.

Art Therapy

We provide therapeutic rehabilitation to residents through activities such as drawing, ceramics, sculpture, woodworking and painting. Art therapy intervention is also provided for residents to express themselves and resolve issues through the creative processes.

Music Therapy

Music helps residents open up and communicate their deep feelings and emotions. Through it, residents can develop relationships based on trust with therapists. It also enables residents to find emotional support, build bonds with others and develop a sense of community.

Occupational Therapy

We help residents achieve a better quality of life through intensive occupational therapy. Our efforts focus on three components of occupational performance. These are the Activities of Daily Living (ADL), leisure and vocational engagement.

Psychological Services

We help residents relieve psychological distress and dysfunction through quality psychological services. Conducted by mental health professionals, these sessions may consist of individualised assessments and interventions, psychoeducation, cognitive training, anger management and social skills training.

We also provide treatment that is informed by the findings of the assessments. Treatment is conducted through individual therapy or group therapy at the Activity Hub or via outreach.

Social Work

We manage the needs and condition of each resident through individualised case management. Job and social assessments, personal skills training sessions and support groups are also conducted to create an engaging rehabilitative environment for residents. Our aim is to help residents maximise their potential, self-esteem and quality of life.

Vocational Services

We facilitate the reintegration of residents by providing training and competitive employment opportunities. Residents are aided in the development of their skills, confidence, financial stability and independence. Our vocational services include:

  • Resident Earning Scheme
  • Sheltered Workshop
  • Vocational Placement Service
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