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SAMH Mobile Support Team COMIT

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SAMH Mobile Support Team COMIT

SAMH Mobile Support Team COMIT is a community based allied health-led team which provides psycho-social therapeutic interventions for clients with mental health needs and support for their caregivers to maintain clients well in the community.

MST provides a holistic service to clients and caregivers, equipping them with information to make informed decisions for the management of their condition and support social re-integration, resulting in an improvement in functioning and quality of life.

Each multi-disciplinary team comprises allied health professionals and programme coordinators to provide the following services:

  • Perform needs assessments of clients and caregivers
  • Develop individualised intervention plans, case management, and monitoring of clients in the community, in close collaboration with GPs or hospitals for further assessments and treatment interventions.
  • Provide groupwork for clients and caregivers
  • Home visits for assessment and close follow ups on client and caregivers for effective coping
  • Provide care coordination and referrals for clients to appropriate services based on their needs
  • Training and outreach, e.g., to raise awareness and understanding of mental disorders for the general public
  • Persons with mental health concerns or those who are at risk of developing mental illness
  • Singapore citizens or permanent residents aged 16 years and above
  • Residing mainly in the West and Central regions
  • Caregivers of persons with mental health issues
How To Apply

Clients or caregivers can seek the help of a referring agency or contact us directly for assistance.

How to Apply

Contact us directly to find out how we can help. Or seek the help of a referring agency.

SAMH Mobile Support Team COMIT

1. SAMH Mobile support Team COMIT (West)

Address : Blk 275 Jurong East Street 24 #01-405 Singapore 600275

Tel : +65 8511 2678 (West)


2. SAMH Mobile support Team COMIT (Central)

Address : Blk 1  Maude Rd #03-30 (Lift B) Singapore 200001

Tel : +65 6320 0723 (Central)

Email :

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