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SAMH C’SAY CREST-Youth @ North

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SAMH C’SAY CREST-Youth @ North

C’SAY which stands for Sports, Arts and Youths, echoes our belief that youths should have a SAY! in their lives. As physical health and mental health are closely linked, this centre offers sports, outdoor and art activities to help spark conversations, promote general well-being, cultivate resilience, and prevent the onset of mental illness.

SAMH C’SAY CREST-Youth @ North serves youths, aged 12 to 25 years old through arts, sports, outdoors and interactive activities.

Our Services includes:
  • Mental health awareness & outreach education
  • Mental well-being screening: recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental health conditions.
  • Creative Group Work


SAMH C’SAY offers a variety of arts sessions as we believe it has the power to connect youths with their own creativity, reduce anxiety and hone their coping skills.

Our group art sessions comprise of visual art making where youths get to learn a certain art skill or craft technique. There are also expressive arts using music, movement and drama for self-expression and group bonding. The group art sessions include art experiential where youths create an artwork as a creative reflection of their inner thoughts and feelings which may be challenging to express through words.

Sports and Outdoors

SAMH C’SAY offers a variety of sports and outdoor group activities, such as badminton, outdoor walks and sailing expeditions. This is important as we believe that by keeping our bodies and minds active, it will not only benefit us physically, but can also have a positive effect on our mental health.

Sports and outdoor activities provide youths an avenue to unwind from stress and engage in a satisfying challenge that will improve their well-being and mental resilience. It also provides social benefits by allowing them to connect with other peers in a fun recreational setting.

Other Recreational Group Activities

Aside from sports and arts, SAMH C’SAY also provides other group activities such as movie watching, board games and cooking/baking sessions. For free and easy unfacilitated activities, youths can also drop by our centre to use our space from 2pm to 5pm on weekdays (subject to availability) to do their own work, chill or simply to have fun.
  • Youth Mentorship


Every youth is unique and talented in their own way. SAMH C’SAY provides youths the platform to give back to the community through youth mentorship that focuses on developing the youth’s potential. One example is our longstanding and popular sailing programme. The programme is supported by licensed youth sailors from our first pilot run who have been coming back yearly to share their passion. They play an integral role to model techniques and assist coaches during our 1-day Discovery Sailing program. The experience not only hones their sailing skills, but also shapes them into resilient leaders.

SAMH C’SAY provides another platform that is dependable on the youths’ interest/talent as well as their capacity and willingness. Once this is recognised, the youth is acknowledged and approached to discuss if they would like to further build upon it. This may be in the form of working towards a performance/exhibition, starting an interest group or offering to be a peer in a peer-led workshop to other youth participants. This process has been significantly enriching for youth as it creates value on several levels.

Firstly, mentoring shifts the power dynamic between SAMH C’SAY staff and youths by empowering them to contribute rather than simply receive. Their status is elevated from that of a service user to that of an expert in a skill they have chosen to offer to their peers.

Secondly, it creates a fertile ground for several opportunities for growth by seeding communication, planning, leadership and self-confidence. From a simple idea or interest to facilitating a workshop,  extensive preparation, logistics, and foresight into possible obstacles and risks are required. Each step is a journey together with a SAMH C’SAY staff who has built rapport with the youth.

Lastly, youth mentorship provides a safe space for youth to trial and error, as they navigate social scenarios with trauma-informed staff who are present to mitigate any situations that may cause re-traumatization. The world can be a scary place when one does not have enough chances to learn its ways. As trained mental health professionals, we understand that feeling safe looks different for everyone, and there is no one- size- fits- all solution. At SAMH C’SAY, we endeavour to help each youth to harness genuine well-being.

  • Youths aged between 12-25 years old.
  • No mental health diagnosis
  • Intake required to determine suitability to join the programme
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SAMH C’SAY CREST-Youth @ North

Address: Blk 317, Woodlands Street 31, #01-196, Singapore 730317

Tel: +65 6362 4845


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