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Mental wellness is not simply an absence of mental illness. Maintaining good mental health is crucial to living a fulfilling and healthy life. No one should be left behind due to a lack of access to mental health services. That is why we are bringing our services straight into the community.

Reaching out to the mental health community

We are leaving no stones unturned in our community education and outreach efforts. Every mind and heart we touch is a stepping stone to greater acceptance and respect for persons with mental illness.

SAMH Communications, Education & Engagement

We aim to increase awareness about mental health issues to promote good mental well-being and reduce the social stigma surrounding mental illness. This is achieved through a concerted effort across various outreach platforms, such as public forums, talks, trainings and workshops.

SAMH Insight Centre

Our counselling services began in 1981 for persons with psychiatric, psychological and emotional needs, as well as their families. Counselling is conducted through face-to-face sessions and through our telephone helpline. We aim to provide clients with the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, gain clarity on their issues and receive support, while working to improve their situation.

SAMH Mobile Support Team

The Mobile Support Team aims to bring mental health services to the community. Our beneficiaries include persons with mental health conditions and their caregivers, whom we reach out through home visits and out-of-centre intervention sessions.


SAMH SAY-IT! (Sports, Arts and Youths – Integrated Team!) believes that it is important for youths to express themselves in creative ways. We are a community-based team which provides psycho-social therapeutic interventions for youths and their families with mental health needs.


C’SAY which stands for Sports, Arts and Youths, echoes our belief that youths should have a SAY! in their lives. As physical health and mental health are closely linked, this centre offers sports, outdoor and art activities to help spark conversations, promote general well-being, cultivate resilience, and prevent the onset of mental illness.


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