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Creative Services


Creative MINDSET Hub brings mental wellness to all through meaningful arts experiences. The centre is led by a team of art therapists and facilitators. No prior art knowledge or training is needed.

We use art, music and dance as a form of therapy for participants (age 12-35 years old) to explore and express their feelings. Our activities include art making sessions and art therapies. Many of our activities are open to the public to encourage awareness and reduce stigma for persons with mental illness.

We offer services, including art therapy and occupational therapy, that are integrated with expressive arts. Our integrated model helps individuals relieve stress and improve their quality of life.

Arts Skills

Learn new skills and express your feelings through the visual arts, music and dance. A relaxed way to meet people from all walks of life. New activities and themes every month!

  • Open group sessions
  • Closed group sessions
  • Individual sessions


  • Public & Persons-in-recovery aged 12-35 years old
Art Therapy

Art therapy can help when words are not adequate to express or convey the feelings within. Our professional art therapists are at hand to guide you through difficult life events and recovery from mental illness.

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy


  • Anyone aged 12-35 years old
Occupational Therapy

Take part in experiential activities that can help you overcome the effects of mental illness and function better in daily life. These can range from arts and craft, to sensory art and self-awareness.

Join an open group that offers you peer support. Or opt for more privacy through one-to-one therapy sessions. Our occupational therapists also conduct talks that teach adaptive skills on managing time, stress, finances and other aspects of daily life.

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy


  • Public
  • Persons-in-recovery
External Talks and Workshops

You may often find us at schools and workplaces conducting talks and experiential workshops, where we share the holistic benefits of expressive arts and sports on mental health.

Participants can learn how to de-stress and care for their mental health, enabling them to be more productive at work and leisure.


  • Students
  • Working Adults
How to Participate

Keen to join our sessions? Or seeking to bring one of these activities to your school or workplace? Contact us for more information at:

Address Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, South Plaza, Lobby J, #03-06, Singapore 528523
Tel +65 6344 8451

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Please note that registration is required. Simply drop us an email at or call us at 6344 8451.


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