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SAMH Creative Hub

We use visual arts, writing, music and dance for participants of all ages as tools for prevention and intervention in mental health, on the cognitive, emotional and social levels. Our services are open to the public to help individuals improve their quality of life, encourage general awareness of mental health and reduce stigma for persons in recovery of mental illness.

SAMH Creative Hub uses art, writing, music and dance as a form of therapy for participants of all ages to explore and express their feelings. Our activities include creative therapeutic interventions, individual art therapy and counselling with creative approaches. Our integrated model is open to the public and helps to encourage awareness, relieve stress and improve quality of life.

We offer a range of services that integrates expressive arts:

Creative therapeutic interventions

Learn new skills and express your feelings through visual arts, music and dance. A relaxing way to meet people from all walks of life. We offer new activities and themes every month!

Art Therapy and Counselling with Creative Approaches

Like physical health, mental health is constantly changing and needs to be looked after. The way we deal with our daily situations and emotions is influenced by how upbeat or low we are feeling. Poor mental health can affect the way we feel, think, or behave; in turn, affecting our responses to a stressful situation, social interactions, or decision-making process.

Art therapy can be a safe and healthy outlet to make sense of these strong emotions and challenging life experiences Individuals may have difficulty expressing these emotions or thoughts in words. Hence, an alternative to seeing a counsellor or therapist, may be using art as a medium of expression.  Art therapy is the integration of art and psychotherapy. Art offers a way for visual communication, and the therapist works to facilitate further discussion and reflection. The process of art-making offers a way for individuals to express themselves and make sense of any unprocessed emotions or memories.

Art therapy can benefit any individual, and it is not limited to clients diagnosed with mental health conditions. Individuals may engage in this therapeutic art-making process to enhance and maintain their mental well-being or may consider engaging it for personal growth. Anyone can engage in the art-therapy process as no prior art skills are required. The focus is not the technicalities and aesthetics of art, but on the process of creation, the individual’s journey, and the therapeutic relationship. Art therapy can be done as an individual or in a group with our professional art therapists and counsellors to guide you through difficult life events and recovery from distress.

External Talks and Workshops

You may often find us at schools and workplaces conducting talks and experiential workshops, where we share the holistic benefits of combining creative therapeutic interventions and sports in improving mental wellness.

Participants can learn how to de-stress and care for their mental wellbeing, enabling them to be more productive at work and leisure.

How to Participate

Keen to join our sessions? Or seeking to bring one of these activities to your school or workplace? Contact us for more information at:

SAMH Creative Hub

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Support the Art Practices of Persons in Recovery

Artworks by our participants are available for acquisition. From the range of themes, art styles, sizes and prices, you will be able to find artworks for yourself and for others as festive or corporate gifts!

Available media include acrylic, oil, pen, watercolour, etc. Prices range between $70 and $650

For the full catalogue, email us at

Donations by credit card or internet banking can be done through or through GiveASIAWith your generous support, we can continue to promote awareness of mental health and offer more impactful programmes to the community.

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