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Sensory Art Toolkit

Sensory Art explores how different art materials and art making processes can stimulate the six senses of the body, and enhance mental wellness by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. There are 11 project ideas in this toolkit, each outlined with corresponding steps and accompanying visuals. It also includes a table with information by an Occupational Therapist on how the activity may bring about various sensory stimulations, as well as, alternative activity ideas that provide different modulations. The toolkit is helpful to social and healthcare practitioners, volunteers, and other professionals working with seniors, children, or clients with disabilities, allowing them to:

• Understand the sensory system and art materials.

• Appreciate the relationship between art making and one’s sensory experience through the integration of occupational therapy knowledge.

• Translate this learning experience and plan an art activity that is suitable for clients.

Sample activity can be accessed here. For more information on workshops, contact


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