Bukit Gombak Group Homes

What is Bukit Gombak Group Homes?

Established in August 1995, the Bukit Gombak Group Homes (BGGH) provide individuals with stabilised psychiatric conditions the opportunity to experience community integration in the heartlands. As the majority of the Singapore population reside in HDB housing estates, this represents an important normalisation process for residents in BGGH. Through the provision of vocational and psychosocial rehabilitation services, residents are supported in their recovery and personal goals.



  • To provide temporary accommodation to persons with stabilised psychiatric illnesses who have the desire to be gainfully employed
  • To empower residents to gain greater independence and control of their lives
  • To decrease the need for in-patient treatment by assisting residents to acquire independent living skills for successful reintegration into the community



  • Case management and counselling
  • Illness management
  • Job placement and coaching
  • Social and recreational activities



There are four housing units altogether with four or five furnished bedrooms in each unit. Two residents share a room, and each unit has a furnished living room, kitchen and bathrooms.


Admission Criteria

  • Persons with well-managed psychiatric conditions and on regular psychiatric follow-ups
  • Singapore citizens or permanent residents aged 21 to 62
  • Gainfully employed or have the desire to be gainfully employed
  • No recent history of violence, suicide attempts, alcohol or substance abuse
  • Ambulant and not suffering from any medical conditions that require nursing care
  • Able to work and live independently with minimal supervision
  • Able to afford the monthly programme fees


How do I apply?

Applicants should be referred by a psychiatrist and a social worker. The application form with the necessary reports should be submitted to:


Head/Deputy Head
Bukit Gombak Group Homes
239 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5
#01-165 S(650239)

Tel : 6564 7003
Fax : 6565 1498
Email : grouphomes@samhealth.org.sg


Photocopies of documents belonging to applicants and family members e.g. identity cards, recent payslips or income tax statements may be required for admission purposes.