Activity Hub @ Pelangi Village

What is Activity Hub @ Pelangi Village?

Pelangi Village (PV) is a purpose-built social welfare complex by the Ministry of Social and Family Development for the reception, accommodation and rehabilitation of destitute persons. It comprises six residential blocks managed by various VWOs and Activity Hub, where rehabilitative programmes are conducted to assist residents of PV in their recovery and reintegration into the community. Activity Hub’s services include occupational therapy, social work, vocational services, psychological services, art and music therapy.


Occupational Therapy

The objective of occupational therapy is to enhance the quality of life of PV residents by focusing on three components of occupational performance, namely Activities of Daily Living (ADL), leisure and vocational engagement.


Social Work

Social work services in Activity Hub are committed to providing opportunities for residents to maximise their potential, self-worth and quality of life. It aims to deliver enriching and effective rehabilitation towards reintegration into the community. Services provided include individual case management, job and social assessments, personal skills training sessions and support groups.


Vocational Services

Vocational services facilitate the community reintegration of residents by providing training and competitive employment opportunities to develop their skills, confidence, financial stability and independence.


Psychological Services

The focus of psychological services is to relieve psychologically-based distress and dysfunction as well as to promote subjective well-being. Sessions conducted include individual assessments and interventions, psychoeducation, cognitive training, anger management and social skills training.


Art Therapy

Art therapy services provide therapeutic rehabilitation to residents through programmes such as drawing, ceramics, sculpture, woodworking and painting. Art therapy intervention is also provided to residents to help them express themselves, resolve issues and increase insight through creative processes.


Music Therapy

Music therapy uses musical interaction and engagement as a means of communication, self-expression and emotional support. PV residents develop a relationship based on trust with the therapist, allowing access to deep feelings and emotions through music. It enables residents to develop a sense of community and mutually satisfying relationships with others.