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About SAMH


We offer three main types of services: Creative Services, Outreach, and Rehabilitation.

Under Creative Services, we have:
SAMH Creative Hub
Creative Hub brings mental wellness to all through meaningful creative experiences. The centre is led by a team of art therapists and facilitators. No prior art knowledge or training is needed.


Under Outreach Services, we have 4 types of outreach to the community to raise awareness of mental health and provide support.
Counselling Services (sessions are by appointments)

SAMH Community Education and Engagement
In schools, community, hospitals, and corporate organisations

SAMH Mobile Support Team
Home visits and out-of-centre intervention sessions

SAMH C’SAY (Sports, Arts and Youths)
Offers art, sports, and outdoor activities to promote general well-being and cultivate resilience for youths aged 13-15 years old.


Under Rehabilitation, we offer 4 services:
SAMH Oasis Day Centre
Psychosocial rehabilitation for adults with psychiatric conditions

SAMH Group Homes
Residential facility providing vocational and psychosocial rehabilitation services leading to community integration

SAMH Activity Hub
Psychosocial rehabilitative programmes are conducted to assist residents, from the 6 residential homes in Pelangi Village, in their recovery from psychiatric disorders and in reintegrating them into the community.

SAMH YouthReach
Psychosocial support and recovery programme for children and youths with emotional, psychological and psychiatric issues

Our counselling services are by donation and appointment basis. While it is not compulsory to give, we encourage our clients to offer any amount they are comfortable with as the amount collected goes into supporting our programmes and services. Please call our toll-free helpline: 1800 283 7019 (Mon – Fri, 9am to 1pm, 2 – 6pm) if you require further support or information on mental health issues.

Art therapy (one-to-one / group) addresses different issues relevant to the participant(s), through the use of art. Art as therapy is done through our art skills sessions or open studio, where participants get to relax and de-stress through free expression, exercising their creativity spontaneously, or learning an art skill.

  • Donations
  • Government funding/grants
  • Fundraising efforts
  • We suggest you refer them to professional help by accompanying them to the Polyclinic or a General Practitioner for an assessment.
  • We have a Mobile Support Team which can be reached at 8511 2678. They offer case management and assessment services, and can go to the homes of the individual together with the referrer to assess the situation further.

We have two centres dedicated to serving youths:

  • SAMH C’SAY, was set up as a preventive and wellness centre, to build resilience in youths through the use of creative means like arts and sports.
  • SAMH YouthReach works with youths diagnosed with mental health issues through holistic case management and activities to engage these youths.

Volunteers can:

  • Run sessions to teach our clients skills
  • Tutor our youths
  • Support sports and outdoor activities

We require volunteers during office hours the most, and would appreciate it if you can commit for at least 6 months.

If you are interested to find out more, you can write to us at

Some popular talks for the public centre on the topics of:

  • recognizing early signs of distress
  • effective communication with people with mental health issues
  • stress management, self-care, coping skills, and relaxation
  • building resilience
  • active ageing and coping with insomnia

Yes we do. SAMH’s MINDSET Learning Hub works closely with industry partners to identify opportunities for persons with mental health issues to work and gain employability skills. With a multi-disciplinary team of peer support specialists, occupational therapists, vocational placement officers, and trainers, we work with persons in recovery and persons at risk to offer vocational training. You can send us an email at or call 6665 9220

If there’s imminent danger, do call police immediately. Samaritans of Singapore offers a 24-hour hotline for persons who are suicidal at 1800-221-4444.


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