About SAMH

The Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) was established in 1968 as the first community mental health agency in Singapore with the aim of providing quality community care and rehabilitative services to persons with mental health conditions. It is a non-profit, voluntary welfare organisation seeking to promote mental health in the community and improve the rehabilitation and reintegration of persons with mental illness. Today, SAMH operates 10 centres in Singapore, and has a comprehensive range of services.


Our Centres and Services

  • Centres
    • Activity Hub @ Pelangi Village
    • Bukit Gombak Group Homes
    • Mobile Support Team (Jurong East)
    • Oasis Day Centre
    • Insight Centre
    • Creative Hub
    • YouthReach
    • Creative Mindset
    • MINDSET Learning Hub
    • Creative SAY!
  • Services
    • Counselling Services
    • Community Mental Health Education
    • Volunteer Programme
    • Support Services
      • Caregiver Support
      • Family Link Programme
      • Illness Management & Recovery Programme
      • Mental Health Interactive Group
      • Sunshine Path Support Group
      • Support for Eating Disorders Singapore


SAMH-logoThe vibrant human figure represents inspiration and hope to improve one’s sense of well-being, as well as the renewal and growth of beneficiaries and the organisation.

The ripple represents the impact of our mission, symbolising the ever-widening circles of positive change, enriching the lives of our beneficiaries and the community.

The colours represent the following:

  • Blue: Integrity, Stability and Expertise
  • Green: Growth and Renewal
  • Purple: Well-being and Recovery



Mental Wellness For All



  • To improve the lives of persons with mental illness and provide support for their families
  • To promote acceptance and respect for persons with mental illness
  • To improve the mental resilience of our community


  • Professionalism & Respect
  • Compassion & Acceptance
  • Hope & Empowerment
  • Engagement & Collaboration