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Mental Muscle – 250km Desert Run to raise $50,000 for SAMH

Mental Muscle, is a team of four senior medical students, Nicholas, Jonathan, Stephen and Jon, who will be taking part in a Desert Race in May 2016 as part of a Mental Health fundraising initiative.

The race will be held in Namib Desert, Africa, spanning 7 days, where the team will have to cover 250km. Their goal is to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health and they are working very closely with SAMH as their fundraising beneficiary and main project partner.

The team aims to raise $50,000 for SAMH, which will be used in 3 areas:

1) Building a vocational training school for young adults affected by psychiatric conditions to equip them with workforce skills.
2) Increase SAMH’s awareness campaigns, roadshows and health talks.
3) Sustain SAMH’s existing services and facilities.

SAMH is giving Mental Muscle our full support and we are very humbled to be working with people whose pure-hearted dreams constantly encourage us to serve more people from all walks of life and promote mental wellness for all. Let’s do our utmost to support Mental Muscle on their journey. To make a worthy contribution, head to their fundraising page:

If you wish for regular updates on Mental Muscle’s progress, do not hesitate to visit them on their website (, Facebook ( or Instagram (

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